Friday, February 12, 2010

I Started in the Water and Hopefully I'll End up There, Too

Ever feel like you're living that movie Groundhogs Day, experiencing the same monotonous 24 hours over and over again?  Most of the day spent at work boxed in a little depressing cubicle hunched over a sticky computer. You blurt out the same tired phrases to about 20 other sad faces, wearing the same boring Target clothes, haunting the same paths like a depressed widow.  Everything becomes so routine that when something out of the ordinary finally happens it makes you a little nervous - like a forest animal scenting fire.  A void begins to form in your stomach (that you may start to fill with microwave taquitos and time-management computer games).  Is this really it?  Please someone pinch me.

Okay I'm being overly cynical.  But some days I'm basically an Egyptian slave hunkered down pushing around stones to build the symbolic palaces (read tombs) of the rich.  

If you're over 30 it's even worse.  You know what I mean.  As a kid you think you'll be president or a rock star by thirty.  But as 30 creeps up - life just kinda slips away (or slips it to ya, however you want to look at it).  I'm not a pessimistic person - I had goals (I graduated from law school last year thank you very much).  But ironically life is most weary when you know how good it is (or was).  Because then you know what you're missing.

Might as well throw in the towel now before any teeth get knocked out, right?  It's easy to just given into the flow and become a drone.  Don't do it.  I moved a family of 4 to the Big Island with $5,000 last month.  Now I don't make as much money anymore, but now I swim in the actual ocean and it's in the 70-80's every day of the year.  Sound too monotonous.  Try living three years in Wyoming where it gets 30 below and snows 9 months a year.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that Groundhogs Day should be in paradise.    


  1. More like Joe vs. the Volcano. You are Joe!!! I am so excited for your family. You better keep me posted!

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